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I am currently a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University studying Mathematics with a concentration in Operations Research and Statistics. I hope to double major in Machine Learning and Statistics with a minor in Computer Science. I got interested in mathematics through competing in my high school math team where I received awards and honors at the regional, state, and national levels at competitions such as Mu Alpha Theta, AMC, AIME, and various other competitions. Through this team I also gained and improved my skills in solving challenging problems, collaboration, communication, and leadership. I enjoy solving challenging problems and searching for multiple different solutions to each problem. I have learned how to apply my knowledge in creative ways to help me get to the final solution. In math competitions, I have also collaborated with other students in team rounds. I am a great communicator to get my ideas across but also listen to other people's suggestions and ideas so we can put them together to solve the problem in the fastest time possible. I also have to be able to communicate and understand these topics as a student teacher where my students eventually went and won awards and honors themselves. Throughout high school, I was interested in applications of mathematics and computer science came across me. I started taking coding courses and found them enjoyable and really similar to mathematics as there are multiple ways to code a solution to a problem. I attended a Cornell Summer Program where I took a course on Introduction to Python and Computer Science in the Arts courses. Over quarantine, I wanted to explore and gain experience in Machine Learning and App Development so I enrolled in boot camps taught by an MIT alum over this past summer and developed projects. Currently, I am a part of a small internship to create an app for Teach Different that can operate offline. Overall, I am interested in data science, machine learning, and data analysis related opportunities!

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In high school, I was vice president of my school's math team. I was in charge of collecting questions that each student in the team came up with. After collecting, I had to make sure each problem was solvable and solved correctly. Then I had to organize them by topic and grade. This benefited my organization skill and having work done on time since I had a new batch of problems every month. I also delegated a group of people to help me solve these problems since there were hundreds of problems. I also was a student teacher for my school's math team, teaching algebra 2 and MathCounts problems. I had to organize lecture notes and keep the class in order. There were other student teachers so I collaborated with them to decide what to teach each week. I also helped my students solve problems so being able to effectively communicate solutions to them and them being able to understand is another skill I had practice in mastering. Collaboration and communication was also used in math competition team rounds since I had to effectively and quickly give my idea but also listen to others. I had to work with other students to combine our ideas to solve the problem fast.

Python, Java 90%
C 80%
HTML, CSS, Javascript 50%
React Native 70%
SQL 60%

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